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Marta N.


"Working at Volio y Trejos is great!
Not only because as a team we are contributing to the development of the country, but also because as a collaborator I can always count on the company on a personal and professional level.
That is leadership."

Carlos T.

Project Director

"What words would be adequate to describe my experience at CVT? Learning, growth, opportunities, development, discipline, effort, sacrifice, pride, enthusiasm, friends…¡FAMILY!
I’ve been growing along with this great Company for over half of my life"

Gerardo G.


"I`ve been working for more than 30 years with the firm. I began back in `84, as a laborer in the construction of Mc Donald’s at Plaza de la Cultura.
In `93, as a master craftsman when we built the Nova Centro Shopping Center in Moravia.

For 25 years, I have been a works foreman in different projects, hotels, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, construction of Hospital Cima, San José and the National Energy Control Center, CENCE.

During all these years, the firm has provided me with opportunities to grow through training sessions, talks and courses in different places and even countries, allowing me to expand my knowledge and abilities. "

Marlene B.

Occupational Health and Safety

“This Company is my second home, they give me confidence, stability, support and integrity as a person”.

Mayroven J.


"Work with Volio & Trejos implies stability and security.

They offer growth opportunities; it depends on your effort and dedication to take advantage of them."

Gerardo R.


"Volio & Trejos is a Firm that allows me to enhance my professional knowledge and my ability in Engineering through the processes and tools that they provide us. I am proud to be a member of the CVT Family."

Andrés B.


""It has been an incredible experience!

From my beginnings in the company as a construction laborer to finishing my studies in engineering, I have felt at home.

Volio & Trejos Asociados is a very serious and responsible company, committed to the growth of all its collaborators, as well as being a very human company.

I have no doubt that collaborating here is the best construction experience in this country."

Elvis V.

Foreman in Training

"Volio & Trejos is a construction Company, which, besides being one of the best in the marketplace, built my own home. I began to work with the firm at age 18 and I am closing in on 37.

The human talent is excellent, from don Gerardo Volio, the partners, the foremen, the engineers…

They are always implementing improvements for the workers. From the office to here, for those of us in the field.

Now, with technology on the project, we use tablets and for me personally, these have been very helpful. They have trained me to excel, with high-level training sessions, courses at INA and for foremen.

They help me every year with school supplies.

In the field they help us a lot with occupational safety and the equipment necessary to do our jobs.

As far as I’m concerned, those who haven’t worked for Volio & Trejos have no idea what they have missed. I would recommend anyone work here, from laborers to engineers, Here, there are first world human resources.