Our clients experiences

They have some very positive things, they are a very serious, ethical and transparent company. We were very surprised by how they work at optimizing their processes instead of reducing safety, results or quality for savings. People do the firms…

Irene Zúñiga

Project Manager

They worked professionally and with tenacity from project conception. Their labor was an important factor in meeting all project phases.

Allan Kelso

Hotelera Cali Executive Director

The on-site service and attention of the personnel is very good, as well as your collaboration in coordinating meetings, response times for Budget changes and problema-solving proposals. Overall it is an excellent construction company

Luis Montero


It is a pleasure for me to recognize your organization for a job well done. I congratulate your team for their performance on the Project. They really are working at WORLD CLASS levels of safety and quality

Jim Komorowski

Project Manager in Costa Rica, Intel

…our hotel is, with pride, a reality thanks in good part for the recognized efforts of your prestigious company and one of its principal attributes: its personnel

Lic. Guillermo VonBreyann


They have a highly capable personnel. They are serious, responsible and honest. It is pleasing to see a job well done

Mario Valdés

Project Manager Grupo Agrisal

The experience has been very positive, excellent, fabulous. They are ver professional

Salvador Bolaños

General Manager, Grupo Roble

We finished with a succesful project, there was a lot of camaraderie and teamwork

Antonio Hilario

Pellas Development Group

The company’s management and staff provided customer satisfaction not only with quality execution of services, but also with outstanding professional attitude, dedication and personal commitment. It has been a very gratifying experience

Gerhard Kremer

Senior Project Manager Abbott Laboratories

… the relationship is first class. I recommend them because there is an engagement beyond signing a contract; the management system and personnel are the appropriate ones

Daniel Campos

Caribe Hospitality

…I value their integrity, quality and experience

Mauricio Ortiz

Corporación de Supermercados Unidos, S.A.

...They are very professional and a very well-organized company. They have first class systems and excellent professionals

Marida Alfaro

Director/Architect Grupo Agrisal

Leadership was critical to the success of the job, they were well-organized, they inspired confidence and have excellent professionals

Salvador Bolaños

Regional Manager, Ingeniería Grupo Roble

The project was completed meeting quality, cost and time expectation

Felipe Montenegro

PriceSmart Construcción Division

On the job and the relationship with the personnel has been good. There have been no setbacks, the dealings have been transparent and direct

Lic. Helmuth Sauter

Director Florida Inmobiliaria S.A.

This company is serious and committed to the owner’s objectives. Willing to work the owner’s way and on their terms. Confidence in economic solvency and professionalism of the staff…

Federico Aguilar

Caribe Hospitality

…They are a leading construction company with excellence in their processes

Carlos Hernán Peñaloza

President Grupo Pijao, Colombia

We are very pleased with the work done. If it had not been with you, we could not have accomplished this challenge. You are a world-class company!

Andrés Pacheco

Corporate Development Director/Enjoy Group

The work was stressful because we had little time. Exceptional service, dealings and courtesy

Rodrigo Trejos

Construcciones y Diseños Trejos Facio

For Volio I have only good comments, it was a good experience and I will want to repeat it!

Jean André Garnier

Garnier & Garnier

Something very positive that characterized the staff of CVT is that they press so that everything resolves quickly

Guillermo Alonso


…The most important values at Volio y Trejos are tranquility, transparency and responsability

Juan Andrés Gurdián

TLA Logistics

We were happy with the term. When we have challenging projects, we hire companies like CVT that take on crazy projects

Luis Amador

Project Director

…Without a doubt, they are the firm that has the best project management implemented in the region, they are the leaders

Nelson Rodríguez

Ferretería EPA

Transparency, excellence in execution and a team high in human qualities, I slept very tranquilly during construction

Esteban Céspedes

Civitar Desarrolladores S.A.

The relationship with CVT has been excellent, the coordination and precision have been excellent. Right from the beginning of the Project, the team helped me and gave me a lot of confidence

Dr. Pablo Guzmán

Rector, UCIMED

My perception on the work done by Volio & Trejos Asociados, S.A. is excellent

Manrique Constenla

Grupo Constenla

Outstanding: they have communication fluency, structured processes, business clarity. There is no improvisation. They have a balanced relationship in pre-construction and execution

Alberto Sauter

GBK Desarrollos Inmobiliarios

When I’m with you, I know that I’m not working with just anyone. I know, I am working with Volio & Trejos

Salvador Bolaños

Grupo Roble

It is a very good company in construction quality and customer service. The relationship is cordial and professional

Francisco Avilés

Altos de Nunciatura

What I most value in the professional field is ethics, Volio & Trejos have very high values, giving me full confidence

Maurice Chartier

Sinergo Development Group

…I summarize: quality, honesty, seriousness, experience and good dealings

Federico Aguilar

Caribe Hospitality

…the search for excellence, transparency in all fields, help to the owner and the interdisciplinary team to solve the problems of the site…

Jorge Arias

Construcciones y Diseños Trejos Facio

They are the most ordered, the most structured. They have the controls and transparency, they are a great company

"Phillipe Garnier "

"Garnier Arquitectos S.A. "

…Volio & Trejos is a firm that is easy to work with, they have all the structure that we like for the type of jobs we do, and in spite of the fact they have their well-established protocols, they can be flexible. The project had no complaints, we wish you could expand your borders so we could work with you at the regional level

Nelson Rodríguez

Ferretería EPA

…the after-sales seems to me super innovative, it is the first firm that I see that is concerned with what happens afterwards!

Marcelo Marreno


The most important thing is the attitude, to want to build a project well. Highlight: organization, consolidated, customer service values with a desire to serve

Federico Amador

Lincoln School

The quality is excellent. Everybody supports each other. I enjoyed the project a lot, I felt like a ‘spoiled child’

Alvaro Rosabal Sequeira


...our highest recommendation for your construction company for your professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic. Your handling of the construction processes, following guidelines, quality control, compliance with timelines, occupational safety and administration of subcontractors was outstanding and we are fully satisfied with your performance

Tomás Gilmore

General Manager

I have a good impression: transparency and responsibility. They have been professional throughout the process, from the negotiation and offer

Mario Guerra

Project Director

The company has implemented an innovative working model at a national level. I am currently working with a company that works with a Quality System and it shows a big difference

José Sandoval